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  • Extracting voip credentials from my broadband router

    20 Apr, 2019

    One of the advantages of being in France is that you get to enjoy reasonably fast FTTH for cheap. Dirt cheap. I use Red by SFR and pay 20EUR/month for ~1Gb/s downlink and ~300Mb/s uplink with ~3ms of latency out of their network!

    Too bad ISPs go …

  • Doing key stretching right

    14 Apr, 2019

    While configuring my new laptop, I've recently spent some time thinking about my threat model and how full-disk-encryption fits in the picture. I came to the conclusion that I do need reasonable guarentees regarding protecting both the confidentiality and integrity of it but that I also depend on its availability …

  • Resurrecting my blog

    01 Apr, 2019

    Once every few years I feel like blogging. I don't know how long I will manage to keep it up this time but I am determined to try again.

  • Application firewalling with netfilter (part 2)

    26 Jul, 2015

    Last time we've looked into how to do application firewalling with netfilter and came up with an answer whose dependencies aren't shipped by mainstream distributions just yet. Today we will find another way of doing the same thing on with the tools everyone have.

    # install dependencies
    sudo apt-get install sudo …
  • Application firewalling with netfilter

    23 Jul, 2015

    Today I've stumbled upon a post from my friend Feth, asking whether allowing only firefox to access the internet was possible on Linux... Of course it is! Here's one of the many ways:

    # setup the firewall
    sudo iptables -F OUTPUT
    sudo iptables -P OUTPUT REJECT
    sudo iptables -A OUTPUT -m …
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