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Posted 20 Apr, 2019

Extracting voip credentials from my broadband router

One of the advantages of being in France is that you get to enjoy reasonably fast FTTH for cheap. Dirt cheap. I use Red by SFR and pay 20EUR/month for ~1Gb/s downlink and ~300Mb/s uplink with ~3ms of latency out of their network!

Too bad ISPs go out of their way to make it hard for you to switch their crappy equipment with your own. Luckily, I have found an online online community of enthusiasts who are maintaining a knowledgebase with the magic incantations required to make it work.

The ISP also provides unlimited calls, but getting voip to work involves retrieving credentials that are not readily accessible, making it very impractical. In a bid to improve upon the status quo, I'll share code that just spits out the configuration bits you need to configure your own SIP client.

I have been asked to obfuscate the magic going on underneeth and will only make it available in binary form (that I may or may not update, depending on the feedback I get).

Here are download links for Linux/x64 and Windows/x64. You will need to have already bypassed the ISP's provided router for them to work.

Thanks to maximushugus for providing a key element to make this possible.

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